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Background about Rebecca

Proving that they don't have to big - thrilled to catch my first brookie on the fly.

Proving that they don’t have to big – thrilled to catch my first brookie on the fly.

I have spent most of my life with horses. Whether it was competing, caring for them or watching them at the racetrack. I have worked on farms, in veterinary clinics and at the thoroughbred sales. Over the years I have been lucky enough to have my own horses to share my life with and one horse in particular has defined much of that time. His name is Argo, and since I feel like he has ruled my life for so long I have taken on the moniker “Argosgirl”.

In the past few years I have picked up the fishing bug. I don’t really understand how it happened but I now spend as much time at the water as possible, with a fishing rod in hand waiting for a bite. Nothing thrills me more than than feeling the tension on my line and knowing I’ve hooked a fish. Fishing opened up a whole new world and even had me returning to school. I can’t to see what happens next!

For more on how I caught the fishing bug, read this post I wrote for the Casting Currents blog.

Background about Darrell

A slab-fest on Georgian Bay!

A slab-fest on Georgian Bay!

Some people might as well have been born in a boat – Darrell’s one of those people. As a kid he would get up early to fit in some fishing time on his way to school. Those wonderful ‘buy-out’ days in high school meant an early escape from the school day, and a beeline to the river. Fishing was a family event, and summer vacations were always spent on the water. Whether it was participating in derbies, spending a weekend camping along the water, or bushwhacking through the cedars in search of brook trout,  fishing has always been a major part of Darrell’s life.


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Rebecca (a.k.a. Argosgirl)

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